October 2023

  • Appoint a Research Associate (RA)
  • Write a project brief

November 2023

  • Build a project website
  • Contact women’s organisations (or other relevant organisations) in Derby, Leicester, Licoln and Nottingham (four representative cities in the East Midlands)
  • Prepare for the listening and co-creation workshops with a gamification strategy (procedures and materials)
  • Pilot the workshop
  • Arrange the workshops with the local community organisations
  • Hire a videographer for documenting the project

December 2023 – January 2024

  • Organise the workshops, while documenting them
  • Analyse the workshop data

February 2024

  • Write a report
  • Consult partners for the events, exhibition, and marketing

March 2024

  • Identify and contact relevant artists, designers, and makers in Leicester and other cities/towns/villages in the East Midlands
  • Prepare for the research instruments to measure impact

April – June 2024

  • Organise the intervention events at Leicester Museum & Art Gallery, while documenting the events and measuring impact
  • 1st event on Saturday 20 April
  • 2nd event on Saturday 18 May
  • 3rd event on Saturday 8 June
  • Hire a professional video editor
  • Get the videos edited for a documentary
  • Print materials for exhibition
  • Arrange an exhibition launch

July 2024

  • Organise the exhibition and launch event at LCB (Leicester Creative Business) Depot
  • Measure impact